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A simple yet delicious blend that delivers the ultimate hot chocolate experience.

Relax and indulge...

We all know that there aren't many things in this world more sublime than good quality chocolate.

That's why Spice Kitchen has explored the planet to discover what we believe is the finest quality cacao powder.How to enjoyAll you need to do is mix it up and drift into chocolately heaven.

Just stir up 25g per person with hot milk. Take your time to devour this delicious drinking chocolate.

Available to enjoy as a traditional Hot Chocolate, or try our delightful Gingerbread blend or Chai Spiced blend!

What's more, it's gluten and dairy-free, so there's no need for anyone to miss on on this delicious treat.

*Suitable for vegans

*Responsibly sourced

*Available in two delicious flavours

*Environmentally friendly

*Made with love

Spice Kitchen - The Yummiest Hot Chocolate 100g

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