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5 x 53cm Stainless Steel & Wood BBQ Skewers for BBQ or Tandoor


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Stainless steel catering grade kebab and barbecue skewers, Spice Kitchen kebab and barbecue skewers are easy to cook with and clean.
  • PERFECT FOR GRILLING: 53cm long - 8mm wide and with a sturdy, square skewer blade design.
  • DESIGNED FOR KEEN COOKS AND CHEFS: Wooden handles to prevent heat transfer when cooking which helps to protect your hands, there is no slip when cooking as our square skewer design enables even grilling of all food when turning.
  • BARBECUE AND KEBAB SKEWERS: Our Spice Kitchen stainless steel skewers are perfect for grilling vegetables, meats, mixed kebabs and barbecue food both over an open grill, in the kitchen or for outdoor barbecue cooking.

Stainless Steel & Wood BBQ Skewers Box

£30.00 Regular Price
£21.00Sale Price
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