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PRACTICAL GRILL EXPERIENCE: Due to the shape of the grill basket, no food can fall through the grate, but is cooked evenly and gently. The heat is optimally distributed through the ventilation openings. 

29 x 29 x 7 cm
HIGH QUALITY: The grill basket and the grill tray are made of robust, high-quality stainless steel in one piece. In addition, the corners of the grill basket are connected and thus significantly reinforced for long-term durability
GORGEOUS ROASTING AROMA: The heat circulates ideally through the grilled food through the ventilation openings and the bottom of the grill basket roasts the vegetables, meat, fish or other grilled food perfectly. A dash of olive oil prevents burning and creates a wonderful grilled aroma
DISHWASHER SAFE: After preparing the food, simply put the grill pan in the dishwasher, saving you the time-consuming cleaning. Thanks to the stainless steel and the robust construction, the grill basket and the grill bowl are the perfect grill accessories!
UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE: Excellent on the gas grill, charcoal grill and also in the oven as a vegetable basket, grill basket for fish and seafood - due to the different sizes and variants, it is also ideal for use as a grill wok

Premium Grill Basket/Grill Tray (Stainless Steel) Large

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