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This funky topping melts on your tongue like a bouquet of colorful aromas and has a creamy, chunky consistency like plum jam. CAUTION Danger of addiction

Did you know: Szechuan pepper is not pepper at all, but the dried fruits of a citrus plant. With us, of course, BIIOOO. It tastes so great that it makes your mouth tingle pleasantly. Szechuan pepper is THE secret of Chinese cuisine to give dishes a strong and fragrant character.

Use it to marinate fish and seafood, white meat, of course, tofu. As a topping for pasta and rice dishes. As a condiment, it makes every laffee dish palatable.

No artificial additives, no artificial flavor enhancers, just pure taste explosion.

Can be kept for at least 9 months from delivery. Storage cool, dry and protected from light. Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume immediately.

Szechuan Pepper, Soy Sauce, Star Anise, Fennel

Flowery-spicy aroma with medium heat

Produced and bottled by hand

For marinating and seasoning

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List of ingredients

Spice oil* (sunflower oil*, spring onions*, star anise*, fennel*, Szechuan pepper*, cinnamon*), shoyu SOYA sauce* (SOYA beans*, WHEAT* water, salt), cane sugar*, 6% chilli*, garlic*, shiitake*, Ginger*

* From controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of peanuts, sesame, mustard, fish and celery.

Organic Lusty Chili Jam vegan 180g

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