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Olive Wood Smokin’ Chunks

It's all about the flavour 

  • 5L Bags
  • 4-10cm chunks
  • Smoke fish, ham, pork, turkey, chicken & veg

Cooking with Olive Wood Smokin’ Chunks - Charcoal Grill

  • The Indirect Grilling Process

To each mound of lit charcoal, add 2 to 3 chunks (4 to 6 in total).   Once the smoke stops flowing, replenish as needed. 

  • When Direct Grilling

On top of the coals, place 2 to 3 chunks of meat and direct grill.

  • How to Direct Grill Over a Wood Fire

As you would with charcoal, fill your chimney starter with wood chunks and light them.  After the embers turn orange, pour them over the bottom of the grill.   When the grate is inserted, you are grilling directly over wood.It is important to note that wood burns faster than charcoal, so you may want to light a second chimney of wood chunks to burn faster.  If you direct grill over wood, your food will become unbearably smoky if your grill is closed.

Olive Wood Smokin’ Chunks 5L

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