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Oak Whisky Barrel Smokin’ Chunks

It's all about the flavour 

  • 5L Bags
  • 3-10cm chunks
  • Smoke red meats, meaty fish and hearty veg

Cooking with Oak Whisky Smokin’ Chunks

For SmokingTry smoking a couple of wood chunks on top of your coals or inside your burn box when you start. Smoking meat such as brisket, pork shoulder, chicken wings, or turkey using them is an excellent way to get quality results. For Open Fire CookingWe love adding chunks when I cook over open fire to create heat and flavour. Use wood chunks once the fire has settled down to create clean smoke for your food. Add a few chunks to the coals while cooking and you have a hickory/oak/apple smoked hanging lamb leg or rotisserie chicken.

Oak Whisky Barrel Smokin’ Chunks 5L

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