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  • This 2.3 Litre Shallow Cast Iron Casserole Dish is your new ultimate all-in-one kitchen companion, allowing you to cook, roast, braise and bake an almost limitless variety of dishes in truly timeless style. 
  • The shallow profile of this dish makes it incredibly versatile; as adept at stove-top sautéing and slow cooking as it is in-oven braising and baking, whilst a glossy finish offers a sleek and sophisticated touch. A series of small self-basting bumps across the inside of the lid collect moisture during cooking and direct it back down onto the food, ensuring perfect, succulent results every time. 
  • Since the early 18th Century, cast iron has been the material of choice for cookware connoisseurs across the globe, thanks to its exceptional heat conduction properties. We've paired our Argon Tableware models with a sleek enamel coating that helps prevent food from sticking, thereby making both cooking and cleaning an easier and more enjoyable experience. 
  • Dimensions: Capacity: 2.3 Litres Diameter: 30cm Width (inc. Handles): 39cm Height: 4.5cm 
  • 2 Year Warranty 

Cast Iron 2.3L Enamelled Dish with Lid

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