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The key to beautifully mellow smoke flavour production is our large, stainless steel smoker box. Add a handful of wood smoking chips to the box, replace the lid and put the whole box directly onto your heat charcoal heat source or above your gas burners. As the steel conducts the heat, the chips begin to gently smoulder releasing their aromatic smoky flavours. The Hot Smoked logo is etched into the loose fitting lid allowing ample smoke to permeate your smoking compartment.

Made of high grade brushed stainless steel this roomy smoker box will become an indispensible outdoor cooking accessory for any BBQ or smoker and is suitable for gas, charcoal and ceramic grills. The box will blacken with use, but the high grade steel thickness gives this smoker box longevity for use again and again.

Team with one of our range of natural smoking wood products as a brilliant introduction to hot smoking.

Measures L 23 x W 10.5 x H 4.8cm

Hot Smoked Smoker Box

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