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Get to know the special aroma of a salt stone. An unforgettable barbecue taste and a special surprise for the barbecue guests on a barbecue evening is guaranteed. The salt stone comes from the Himalayan region and is therefore of excellent quality and offers a wonderful aroma.
20 x 10 x 2.5cm
Why a salt stone:

When used, the high-quality salt stone provides a special salty aroma and therefore an unforgettable good taste - the meat remains tender and juicy - TIP: do not smear the meat with oil, the salt stone keeps the meat juicy.

Special advantages are:

THE SPECIAL AROMA: Salmon, shrimp, fish, meat, vegetables or other foods can be grilled on the salt stone. The grilled food gets an unforgettable aroma and remains particularly tender and juicy.

UNIQUE TASTE: Get to know the incredibly good taste of the salt stone. The grillart® salt stones are from the Himalayas and are therefore ideal for a unique barbecue experience.

USE REPEATEDLY: The salt stones can be used several times and are ideal for grills such as charcoal grills, kettle grills, gas grills and also for the oven.

HIGH-QUALITY PROCESSING AND QUALITY: The salt stones are made with care and finely ground on both sides. This way you can give your meat, salmon or vegetables a special salt crust with the best taste.

Himalayan Salt Block for grilling - pack of 1 (Rectangular)

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