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It's all about the flavour 

  • 3L Bags
  • Sweet, distinct fruity smoke flavour
  • Perfect to smoke fish, light game, turkey, chicken and vegetables


Cooking with Citrus Wood Smokin’ Wood Chips

In the same way as any other type of wood chip, you should load your smoker box with the chips and place it over smouldering coals or on a burner if you are using a gas grill. Once the box has heated up, the chips will begin to smoke and flavour the meat. Upon feeling that your meat has received enough smoke, or if more chips are required, you may remove the box with tongs.Wrapping the chips in foil is another option if you do not own a smoker box. You can use the foil like a smoker box by poking some holes in it. By making holes in the foil, the smoke will escape and flavour it.

Citrus Wood Smokin’ Wood Chips 5L

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