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An unforgettable grilled taste and a special surprise for your guests when grilling is guaranteed! The cedar board is made from real Western Red cedar from Canada, so it provides a delicious flavor for salmon, fish, vegetables or other grilled food!Why a cedar board:A taste orgasm! Yes, a bit direct, but it's the best description of it. You will experience exactly this unique taste with a cedar board. Fish, salmon or other foodstuffs get an unbelievably tasty aroma from the smoke produced by the wood. Because these cedar wood planks come from real western red cedar wood, you will notice the intense and pleasant smell as soon as you unpack them. That's exactly what makes the grill boards - a 1A wood quality! The taste with the grillart® cedar wood planks is incomparably delicious! Try it, it will definitely be worth it!When manufacturing the cedar wood boards, we only use slow-growing cedar wood, as this has more aromas and is therefore ideal for a unique barbecue experience.Special advantages are:UNIQUE GRILL ENJOYMENT: Salmon, shrimp, fish, meat, vegetables or other foods can be prepared on the cedar wood. The grilled food gets an unforgettable aroma and remains particularly tender and juicy.REUSEABLE: The grill boards can be used several times if used correctly. Soak the cedar board at least 2 hours beforehand to be able to use it several times.HIGH-QUALITY PROCESSING AND QUALITY: The grill boards are planed on both sides and are suitable for all grills such as charcoal grills, smokers, kettle grills, electric grills or gas grills.OPTIMAL SIZE OF THE PLANKS: We have made it our task to find the optimal size for the grill board. We have optimally adapted this with a lot of our customer feedback. 300x140x10mm (length x width x height)AIR-TIGHT WELDED: Thanks to the air-tight film, the cedar wood stays fresh and does not "smoke". This means that when you open the packaging, the cedar wood smells pleasantly fresh, as if it was just cut.TIP: You can also soak the grill planks in wine, whiskey or apple juice instead of water - this creates a very special taste!

Red Cedar Grilling Planks x2

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