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The luxury Blastcool Extremis XP3 fridge is largest of the Blastcool fridges giving you maximum space for all your chilled beverages and snacks even in temperatures up to 43C.

The Blastcool XP3 Refrigerator is independently certified and safety approved for outdoor use by leading test house SGS. Marine grade stainless protects the outside whilst powerful refrigeration ensures fast cooling of freshly loaded beverages inside, and it achieves all this in baking summer heat of up to 43C.

Food can be stored within food safe limits in the solid door versions and the AISI 304 grade stainless interior ensures that good hygiene can be maintained.  The interior lamp colour (Blue light or white light) can be user-selected via the switch on the appliance’s control panel whilst the latest energy efficient technologies are incorporated to minimise the Carbon Footprint.

Heres just a few reasons as to why Blastcool fridges really are the ultimate in outdoor cooling:

•             Chills to perfection in up to 43C heat

•             Fully certified for outdoor use (IP24) by a globally recognised independent test house

•             Exterior finished in marine grade AISI 316 Stainless steel

•             Interior finished in food grade AISI 304 grade stainless steel

•             White or blue interior lighting (switchable) as standard

•             Heated glass door for clear display in any conditions

•             Wine shelf option

•             Solid door option

•             Natural refrigerant, variable speed compressor

•             Low energy consumption with Eco mode standard

•             Can be left out all winter. No cover necessary

External Dimensions

Height: 87cm
Width: 135cm
Depth: 57.5cm
Depth Including Handle: 61.5cm


Please get in touch to discuss all additional extras and options.

Blastcool Extremis XP3

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