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This Beetroot Relish with Cornish Mead is a winning combination, bound to tingle your taste buds. Pair with a deliciously veggie, falafel burger, iceberg lettuce, red onion and smoked cheese or why not dollop on the side of your Sunday roast? Dip those flawlessly crisp roast potatoes into our relish and amaze at how this already perfect meal just got better. Size: 227G Shelf life: 12 Months One jar of Beetroot & Cornish Mead relish contains: Beetroot (40%), Onions, Apples, Red Wine Vinegar (sulphites), Demerara Sugar, Dates (sulphites), Sultanas (sulphites), Cornish Mead (sulphites) (5%), Salt, Spices, Mustard Seeds.
Made in United Kingdom

Beetroot Relish with Cornish Mead

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