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It is the wood-fired pizza oven with the highest sales record and by far the most popular. The dimensions are compact. Have your meal cooked in just 5 minutes!

It is a compact wood-fired oven for bread and pizza with castors conceived for easy moving. This wood-fired oven is designed for balconies, terraces and gardens. Refractory oven floor and stainless steel dome. Rapidly reaches cooking temperature (in 5 minutes)!


5 Minuti is delivered to your home almost ready for use. Complete the oven by merely inserting the flue and assembling the trolley with a few screws.


82x68x120h cm
Cooking Floor:
60x50 cm
Weight: 90Kg
Pizza Capacity: 2
Bread Capacity: 2KG
3 Kg/h


Shipped with 7 working day

Alfa Forno 5 Minuti Top Copper Wood-Fired

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