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Family workshops in India handcraft these stunning and functional BBQ fire bowls out of recycled oil barrels. Hand-cut metal plates with the same drop handles as the Original Kadais are riveted in the traditional fashion for strength and durability. 


The combined height of the Firebowl and Low Stand is 44cm. 

Recycled Kadai Firebowl, Gothic Low Stand, Holi Grill, Tongs, Wire Brush, and 10L Kadai Beads are included in this set. 

Every Recycled Kadai is equipped with our patented filter system, which allows you to leave your bowl outside all year. 

To help with drainage and extend the life of your Kadai, we recommend using 10 litres of Kadai Beads in the bottom of your bowl.

80cm Recycled Kadai Kit - Boxed 33.7kg

SKU: XM200-80HL
Out of Stock
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