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DURABLE ANODIZED ALUMINUM: Perforated pizza peel is constructed with an Hard anodised aluminum head, which protect its surface from oxidation. Not only resistant to high temperatures but also wear and corrosion.

PERFORATED PIZZA PADDLE: Pizza peel features perforations that reduce friction and allows for excess flour to fall off easily, which makes the bottom of the pizza more crispy and delicious while keeps your oven clean.

BANLANCE DESIGN: Cooperated with its slightly beveled edge, makes it easier to slide the pizza into and out of the oven. Easily slides under pizza, stromboli pizza, bread, and sandwiches.

ENSURE STABILITY: This grilling pizza peel equipped with 30x30cm blade and 41cm long handle. The handle riveted joints enhance its durability.

INSULATED SILICONE HANDLE: For further ease of use, each professional pizza crust has an 35cm long handle and equipped with an insulated silicone jacket that prevents your hands from getting burned.

12 inch Perforated Pizza Peel

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