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Whether it’s hot in the city or cool on the coast, there is an outdoor kitchen to suit everyone.

Urban culinary cool

With a season of al fresco dining fast approaching, now’s the time to ensure your outdoor space is summer-ready. Space can often be an issue in an urban garden but this needn’t put you off making an outdoor kitchen. The key for a small space is versatility and it’s important that everything you put into it functions well.

Vlaze’s freestanding kitchens are designed to be moveable so they can easily be moved from indoors, out. The Adapt 120 offers a storage unit and work surface, while the Adapt Island from the same range can either be used as a pizza prep station or as seating for two. With a selection of bold colours, these vitreous enamel modular kitchens make a bold statement well-suited to any urban space

Firepits are a useful addition if space is at a premium as they can work on many levels, especially if you choose from the Kadai range. At their most basic, these beautiful bowls bring a warmth and ambience to any outdoor space, but add in a grill, hot plate and warming rack and you have the ultimate space on which to bbq. Swap those out for a tripod with cooking pot or skillet, or a paella pan, and your menu choices are only restricted by your imagination.

If you’re a pizza-lover, then a DeliVita oven is perfectly suited for working some Italian magic. Weighing in at less than 30kg, they are easily transported and work well when sited on top of a Vlaze unit. While that’s the prep and cooking sorted, every outdoor kitchen needs to have somewhere to keep the drinks cool. With versatility in mind, Utoka coolers are brilliant work horses. Transportable, and with larger sizes doubling up as a bench seat, it’s not just their colling capacity that makes them a great choice.

Countryside al-fresco cooking

Moving away from the city streets, a country garden requires a different approach when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen; not least in that the design needs to work well with any planting schemes or surrounding trees. Natural materials work well in this kind of environment and so The Lapa Company’s range of garden gazebos and buildings lend themselves well to such a bucolic setting. With a handcrafted thatched or cedar shingle roof, these elegant structures can house everything from a small seating area or hot tub to a full-sized outdoor kitchen and dining table.

When it comes to cooking under your garden building, you’ll want something as elegant as it is luxurious. Fire Magic’s grills offer sleek lines and state-of-the-art features and offer both portable and built-in versions. Constructed from the finest quality stainless steel they are designed to withstand the elements and they are engineered to offer grilling, searing smoking and rotisserie capabilities.

Keeping your cool in a country garden kitchen couldn’t be easier with our go-to brand for chilling out, SubZero. Using NASA technology these coolers combine good looks with clever capabilities and will always ensure that your food, and your beers, are kept cold. And talking of the cold, when the sun dips and the air starts to chill a Glowbus® firepit goes far beyond the elemental adding a sculptural element to any outdoor space. Made from corten steel, the designed to be unique, timeless and to last a lifetime.

Coastal cuisine

When it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen by the sea, it’s good to use lines and designs that reflect a nautical theme and products that can withstand the unique coastal environment. Renson’s pergolas and patio covers are constructed from aluminium so are ideal for clifftop kitchens and can be both freestanding or attached to a façade. There are endless options when it comes to making your Renson cover bespoke, from automatic solar shading, LED lighting and even audio and heating.

Both Wolf and Alfa offer methods of cooking and design styles that fit will with Renson’s modern designs. Wolf’s cooking appliances, which include ovens, hobs, stove tops and warming drawers make cooking outdoors as easy as indoors due to excellent functionality and they look good too! Alfa’s pizza ovens are the choice of the professional and their quality, elegant looks and great range of colour options mean they add both style and substance.

Wherever you live, and whatever your style of outdoor space, at Heart, Smoke and Soal we can offer design advice that can help you achieve your ultimate outdoor kitchen.


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