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The upper crust

The best pizza ovens for your outdoor kitchen.

It’s said by the Italian culinary craftsmen, whose pizza-making is elevated to that of an edible artform, that a pizza should take just a minute and a half to cook to achieve the perfect crust. The unique, wood-fired flavour comes from the fact that the fire itself sits within the same oven space as the pizza, cooking the dough at the optimum temperature whilst it basks in smokey goodness.

If you’re trying to recreate the mouth-watering magic of an authentic pizza at home then we recommend investing in a pizza oven that will bring a true flavour of Italy to your garden. As with all of our products, we’ve been busy brand testing and two makes of pizza oven have come out on top, ensuring you get a crispy crust every time – no soggy bottoms here!

We like to buy British and were excited when we found we could do just that and still get an authentic Italian taste with a DeliVita wood-fired oven. Handcrafted in Yorkshire, these ovens are fast to heat up, taking just 25 minutes, portable and stylish. They’re simplicity itself to use and will deliver a tasty pizza in that magic 90 seconds.

Designed to consume wood slowly, a DeliVita is as easy on the environment as it is on the eye. It’s a workhorse though, boasting the ability to cook 40 pizzas an hour, as well doubling up as a BBQ, hot smoker, tandoor oven and slow cooker – you can even bake in it, such is its versatility. Discover some great recipes inspiration here.

Weighing in at just 30kgs, you’re not restricted to where you can cook, it just needs a level, stable surface. Don’t just take our word for it…DeliVita pizza ovens are used by top chefs and even Michelin-starred restaurants. No matter the size of your outdoor space, investing in one of these authentic wood-fired ovens will ensure the very best in al fresco eating.

Another favourite for its the sleek lines and Italian heritage is Alfa. They make pizza ovens for both domestic and commercial settings so know their dough! Often referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of pizza ovens, we found them very easy to set up. We had the fire lit and pizzas on the go in record time.

As with the DeliVita, you can also roast in these ovens and they come in a wide range of sizes and colours. The new Alfa Nano is a portable option or, if you have a static outdoor kitchen, you can opt for a larger one that can be surface mounted or used in conjunction with Alfa’s dedicated base or their innovative multifunction table. Whilst we prefer the traditional wood-fired option, Alfa also offer a range of gas pizza ovens. Such is the technology, that what you lose in pure wood-fired flavour is compensated by ease of lighting.

We love to make our own pizza dough and Alfa have a great recipe and easy-follow-video to show you how. If you’ve not got time, then why not have a batch of DeliVita’s artisan Dough to Go delivered to your door?! It can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months so you will always have a fresh batch to hand.

When it comes to wood, we recommend using Namibian hardwood for its unique cooking qualities and the fact that it’s ethically sourced.We have both Alfa and DeliVita ovens in our showroom if you would like to see them up close, or why not come and see them in action at one of our upcoming Open Days?


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