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Our Top Tips of Plank Cooking

Take a moment to explore our top five tips for plank cooking and achieving the best results. We would like to share some helpful hints and tips that have proven effective based on our experience. We hope you find them useful!

Plank Cooking

These invaluable suggestions will assist you in making life exceptionally captivating. While there is a possibility that the wooden plank may ignite, trust me when I say that it is worth a try. It adds an element of amusement and culinary spectacle , as well as adding beautiful flavours to your dishes.

Tip #1 - Soak Your Plank

This is an absolute must, soak the plank at least a few hours before. I find this is a good idea to prep ahead of time even the night before, that way it doesn't get forgotten about. Be creative water, white wine, beer. Even apple and berry juice work well, just dilute with water. Also make sure your plank stays submerged with something heavy curry the soaking process.

Tip #2 - Assembling

Always assemble your ingredients on the plank, this makes life heck of a lot easier! The food will take on the flavour of the wood used from the start.

Tip #3 - Get Grill Ready

Ideally you want your grill fired up with the charcoal or wood you are cooking on down to embers, I find this works the best. This way you are getting the heat from the grill without the volatile flames. It's best to position the plank offset/indirect, this way keeping your plank from catching easily. Planks can be used on many types of grill/fires, have fun with this, there really is no wrong or right way, make it fun!

Tip #4 - Spray Bottle

Keep an eye out for flare ups, always keep a spray bottle to hand in case your plank catches fire, use the spray bottle to dampen down as the plank will dry quickly. I tend to find a plank can be used 2-4 times depending what you have cooked on it.

Tip #5 - Woods

Choose your wood depending on what you are cooking, there are many choices out there, each wood tends to have its own flavour profile which will best complement the food.

Here are a fee options that work well.

WESTERN RED CEDAR - Seafood is one of the most common foods grilled on the natural Western Red Cedar planks. Poultry and Vegetables are also a great option.

WHISKEY - A favourite with many with the strength of the Oak smoke with the added complexity of the sweet Whiskey aromas gives a heavy smoke flavour.

APPLEWOOD - Very mild in flavor a subtle, fruity flavour. Ideal for Poultry, Beef, Pork (especially Ham)

CHERRY - Has a sweet mild, fruity flavour that is a good match for all Meats.

OAK - Brilliant for Red Meat, Pork, Fish (medium smoky flavour) Stronger than applewood and cherry. Good to use alone or mixed with Applewood, cherry or Hickory.

PEAR - Smokes a light sweet and fruity flavour, great with Pork, Poultry and Game Birds.


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