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Sprouts with a Sweet Chilli Twist & Good Old Fashioned Crispy Tatties

Sprouts with a Sweet Chilli Twist


1kg of Sprouts

250ml Sweet Chilli Sauce

100 grams Pine Nuts (toasted in a pan and ready to use)

1 x tsp of Rapeseed Oil


1. Peal and prep your sprouts and par boil for around 3 minutes, drain and set to

the side, as this dish will take a matter of minutes to create therefore this is

best cooked just before required.

2. Place a skillet onto the BBQ and warm slightly, add the oil into the pan, then tip

in the sprouts, as these start to warm through you will hear this as this

happens. At this stage pour over the sweet chilli sauce and toss in the toasted

pine nuts. Super simple and tastes amazing.

Good Old Fashioned Crispy Tatties


1.5kg White Potatoes

Duck Fat/ petered oil (as required)

Sea Salt

Ground Pepper


1. Prep and par boil for a few minutes, drain and shake.

2. Set to the side until you are ready.

3. In the meantime the same as you would for your indoor oven, get a baking

tray/skillet ready and hot with the duck fat or oil and add in potatoes and


4. Cook on BBQ until crispy and cooked.

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