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Our top ideas for how to add the finishing touch to your outdoor kitchen or bar

We all know that the cooking equipment in an outdoor kitchen, whether that be a BBQ, grill or fire pit, takes centre stage. However, while these practical elements are the cornerstone for any outdoor kitchen, it’s the final flourishes that make it user friendly, special and totally unique to you.

Keeping it cool

An outdoor fridge is a must-have accessory in any outdoor living space. Having ice-cold drinks to hand on a hot day or warm evening make all the difference and you can even keep salads and nibbles fresh in them too. We love Blastcool’s range as it chills to perfection in up to 43°C heat, but can also be safely left outside all year. The Eco-mode offers low energy consumption and a heated glass door means you will always be able to see the contents in any conditions, with white or blue interior lights available – or you can opt for a solid door. There’s a wine shelf option so your top tipples will all have a home in which to chill!

Warming it up

If you’re planning an outdoor feast that incorporates lots of dishes then a warming drawer from Sub Zero - Wolf will be indispensable. The superior air control of the Wolf Warming Drawer helps keep moist foods moist and crisp foods crisp - no more walking back to your indoor kitchen to retrieve food from the oven. You can pre-prepare dishes with ease and then pop them in the drawer until you are ready to dish up. They even have a proof setting for a quick and reliable rise on your dough.

Clean and tidy

We love to keep our work surfaces clean and tidy and so we use the Fire Magic’s Cut and Clean Combo and Trash Container. The Cut and Clean Combo comes with a bamboo cutting board, from which you can sweep your rubbish into the Fire Magic Trash Container below or brush it down a deep stainless steel trash chute. It makes swift work of all your rubbish and adding a Paper Towel Holder means you can easily mop up any spills as well.

To tap it off

Having an outdoor sink makes life so much easier and Perrin & Rowe’s range of taps ensure your washing up area is both practical and beautiful. Handcrafted in England, from the finest raw materials, these stunning taps feature bespoke ceramic indices bearing the Shaws seal of approval. It’s also advisable to add a hot water supply, which you can achieve with a hot tap or by adding a water heater.

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