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Our top five considerations for planning your outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your living space, therefore thinking about your space, design and requirements can help make the difference between an outdoor kitchen and the perfect outdoor kitchen for years to come. Here we give you our top five consideration for planning your outdoor kitchen.


Think about the outdoor space you have and how a kitchen would work with this area. If you have a large extending garden you will more than likely have numerous options, although when cooking and entertaining you may want to stay closer to the house. Most gardens tend to be smaller, so options can be more limited meaning making the most of that space is crucial. There are options for permanent or more portable kitchens depending on your living requirements. When thinking about materials for the outdoor space, it's also a good idea to coordinate with your home’s exterior and surrounding features. This way your outdoor kitchen will sit well in the space. There are so many options with the aesthetic of a kitchen that you can really go all out and make the space unique to you.

I always think about worktop space under this heading, as when entertaining you will need ample work surface to prep food, serve food and drinks. Thinking about how many guests you are likely to entertain will give you a good idea on what space is required. Is there a general amount of guests you usually have? Or is the kitchen going to be used for larger groups? The kitchen itself can come in various layouts, I tend to think about where the guests will be while I am cooking. No one wants to be the cook with their back to the party. Using your cooking equipment as the focal piece to your kitchen tends to work really well.


How much do you have available to spend on the area you are wanting to create. Do you want a kitchen that adds value to your property? Determining the best type of outdoor kitchen will depend on your budget, and once that is established a design and ideas can be offered. Think about the kitchen functionality you are wanting. Is this something simple or more complex?


When planning your outdoor kitchen supplies also needs to be thought about. Outdoor cooking equipment can come in numerous forms, gas, charcoal, wood, electric. They all require a supply. Gas bottles tend to be hidden in the units with access and ventilation panels. Gas is quick and convenient and ready to go in seconds allowing you to barbecue off-the-cuff, anytime. Traditional barbecuing using charcoal or a wood-fired oven takes a little more preparation but gives you a taste experience like no other. These heat sources will also need to be stored ready to use. Electric is a key factor as some gas appliances also require electricity to operate. Lighting and plug sockets can be incorporated into the kitchen depending on how much functionally you would like. One item I would put high on the list when planning the kitchen, if possible with a water supply, would be a sink. A water supply to the area being planned isn’t always possible, although it’s high up the list for most people. Nobody wants to be running into the house every five minutes to wash hands, utensils etc.

Styles of cooking

There are many different types of cooking equipment ranging from grills, wood-fired ovens and smokers. Sometimes this can overwhelm customers, although we have plenty of options to help you make the right choices. We find some customers may have dietary requirements, so therefore could have different pieces of equipment to cook on for others in the group.

Weather and climate

We understand that the weather can be temperamental sometimes, although in Devon and Cornwall we are in the sunniest part of the UK. We can offer different options for garden buildings, gazebos and canopies to complement your outdoor kitchen/entertaining area. There are also different heating options to keep you cosy, making the most of your space throughout the full year, including infrared heaters, renewable energy options and of course a traditional fire pit for evenings by the fire.

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