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On fire! Introducing Kadai...

Kadai’s sustainably sourced fire bowls are the ultimate in outdoor living accessory. The Original Kadais are up to 100 years old and are handpicked from Rajasthan by the Kadai team. These cooking bowls are traditionally used for Indian weddings and festivals and have been re-imagined by the team at Kadai to create versatile fire bowls and barbecues.

Each of the Original Kadai is truly unique, affording effortless cooking and understated style and comes fitted with a filter system, that enables you to be able to leave your bowl outside all year round. For versatility, the bowls have two stand options, a high one for using as a barbecue and a low one for when you want to relax around the fire.

With sustainability in mind, the Kadai also comes as a recycled option; made from oil drums by family workshops in India, the hand cut metal plates are riveted in the traditional way for strength and durability and feature the same drop handles as the Original Kadai. The Wilstone, which is hand-beaten in the traditional way from one piece of thick steel, the Tula Firepit and the Travel Kadai complete the family.

Cooking on a Kadai is simplicity itself, thanks to a wide range of accessories including hot plates, swing grills, stone griddle plates and tripod skillets. There really isn’t anything you can’t cook on a Kadai, and with their excellent range of recipes and videos, there’s plenty to inspire the al fresco foodie in you.

We currently have a large stock of Kadai bowls available to purchase from our showroom, so if you want to put some fire into your Christmas cooking, contact us now!


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