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Fuel Special

With Autumn now here and many of us looking towards winter. It's that time of year when entertaining outside can continue but we may need to dress up a little warmer and keep ourselves warm. What a better way of doing this than cooking outside over the Kadai wood fired oven and then using the heat afterwards to sit around chatting with friends and family with a blanket to keep you warm and a glass of wine. Relaxed evening entertainment, we find guests love getting involved with helping with dishes and afterwards the children love toasting marshmallows or one of our favourites s'mores boards. With this in mind we thought we would make this blog fuel special, we have several different fields available in our showroom ranging from local charcoal to sustainably sourced wood. Let me take you through the different fuels.

Firstly, we have Sekelbos Braai Wood. Also known as Sickle Bush. This very dry braai wood is baked under the African desert sun. A classic braai wood with a distinctive yellow wood, Sekelbos braai wood is perfect for adding aroma to your braai meats, as its fragrant resin is well known to enhance the flavour of your braai. Burning for a long time with little smoke. Offering a hotter flame than your average braai wood does.

Its key features:

- Low levels of smoke

- Greater levels of control as you cook

- Aromatic smells

- Awesome flavour enhancing qualities

- Less than 2% moisture content

- Weight: Each bag is 14kg

Secondly, we have the Kameeldoring Braai Wood. With its long-lasting heat and lovely aroma, Kameeldoring makes for the perfect braai wood, especially when catering for a large number of people, where more food needs to be cooked.

Key features of Kameeldoring Wood

- Long-burning coal - burns twice as long as kiln-dried wood

- The highest quality braai wood on the planet - bar none

- Great for grilling on the BBQ (braai)

- Very high temperatures

- Great aroma and flavour enhancing qualities

- Get your pizza oven piping hot

- Weight: Each bag is 14kg

- Each bag has enough for four family braas

We also offer the Green Olive Company and one of our favourite premium professional Lumpwood. This charcoal is used by Chefs and Home Cooks. It burns for longer at a consistently high temperature for more stable cooking required in professional kitchens. It is ethically sourced and created from sustainable, denser hardwoods such as Oak & Beech. The density and larger size of the charcoal pieces will ensure high temperatures over an extended period making them ideal for use in professional kitchens.

- This is made from sustainable hardwoods such as oak & beech

- For restaurant & professional cook

- Use for smoking, baking & grilling

This next option is perfect for you pizza oven owners out there, the Grill & Chill Pizza Oven & Firepits Logs, but also good for fire pits and barbecues. The thinner log helps the fire to reach cooking heat much faster and also makes it easier to manage the fire. These logs are 100% British kiln dried firewood and approved under the Woodsure 'Ready to Burn' scheme.

Finally, the last option currently in our showroom is the Certainly Wood Flaming Firewood. This kiln dried firewood is a value pack and consists of a mix of sizes and is particularly good for camping and outdoor cooking on fire-pits, chimeneas etc.

Kiln dried logs provide you with the ultimate burn quality with maximum heat output. The kiln drying process in our wood fired kilns remove most of the water for you, down to below an average of 20% moisture content.


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