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Embrace the elements with a Glowbus® Dewdrop fire pit

Add the ultimate experience of fire to your outdoor living space.

There is no doubt that over the last 18 months we have all spent more time outdoors. When we couldn’t meet our loved ones inside, we wrapped up warm and sought alternative alfresco entertaining venues. Our gardens became extensions of our home; a place to meet, eat and be merry! The summer months saw long days and balmy evenings, but as the nights have started to draw in, the temperature has dropped, and as our love of outdoor entertaining hasn’t waned, it’s time to add some fire to our lives!

When it comes to gathering around a fire, there is something mesmerising about the flicker of the flames, and none more so than from a Glowbus® Dewdrop. It’s been ten years since designer Andras Ketel drew the first illustrations of what were to become these stunning, functional works of outdoor art. The Glowbus® ethos is tripartite; handmade, durable and conscious. Each piece is made by hand using authentic techniques combined with modern, sustainable materials. Every effort is made to ensure that a Glowbus® fire pit does not contribute to a ‘throw-away’ culture – the use of corten steel, which gives the Dewdrop its unique, rust-coloured appearance, affords these fire pits a lifespan that is eight times longer than if they were made of ordinary steel.

As a company, Glowbus® makes every effort to reduce its carbon footprint and by working in conjunction with a nature conservation organisation, for every fire pit purchased 25 trees are planted – we love the idea of this circular economy, that while we enjoy the benefits of an outdoor fire we are simultaneously helping to create a Glowbus® forest, tree by tree.

Artist and founder of the company Andreas Ketels tells us that: “the Glowbus® collection allows me to elevate these moments to a unique experience. It is my way to convey the ultimate experience of fire to the world. The feedback I receive from customers is a motivation to continue to develop the Glowbus® collection and to always look for new worlds of elemental fire.”

The Glowbus® design combines luxury with simplicity, resulting in a fire pit that is not only practical but also architectural in its form. Unlit, they serve as aesthetic structures that enhance any outdoor space, weathering over time so that they sit perfectly within the outdoor vernacular, whether that be an urban space or a country setting.

The Glowbus® Dewdrop is available in three sizes and prices start at £3795. Discover your Dewdrop today!


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