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Crispy herb crumbed fillet of fish

Try this with any firm white fish such as pollock or hake.


4 x 150gm pieces of white fish steaks such as pollock or hake with skin on.

50gm white dried breadcrumbs

tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

sliced red chilli or chilli flakes

1 level teaspoon Seacrack Sicilian lemon salt

1 tablespoon vegetable/ rapeseed/ sunflower oil

vegetable oil/ rapeseed oil/ sunflower oil

unsalted butter - optional


1) Simply mix dried white bread crumbs with freshly chopped parsley, sliced red chilli or chilli flakes and salt together. Add a little oil to make a thick paste. Cover the white flesh liberally with the breadcrumb mix.

2) Now heat some oil in a skillet. Place the fish in the skillet with skin side down. In other words, the breadcrumb mixture should be on the top.

3) When nearly cooked, gently turn over so the breadcrumbs form a crispy topping - this should take no more than two minutes.

4) Turn over again and sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Now add a dollop of butter, let it melt then serve.

Great served with salad and chips! Try serving with a refreshing yogurt and mayonnaise dip using the Judge Casey’s Curry Twist Ketchup. Simply mix equal parts of mayonnaise and greek yogurt together. Then gradually add the Curry Twist Ketchup to your liking with a little salt.


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