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How We Work









To creatively approach every outdoor space with passion and surpass expectations in the Devon & Cornwall area. 

Our vision

At Heart Smoke & Soal our mission is to transform every client's unique outdoor space. We strive to provide the highest quality of service and workmanship, offering premium cooking, entertaining and living products. 

We specialise in providing a premium standard of product, focusing on quality, style and customer satisfaction. Many of our banded products are hand crafted to offer that premium quality.


We think creatively; we ask, ‘what if?’ and ‘how about?’ challenging different ideas and innovation for your outdoor living space. 


We adhere to the highest professional standard. 

Our mission

From the second you walk into our showroom, we promise to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which you can embark on the outdoor living journey of a lifetime. We want you be feel excited and wowed by what can be created in your own outdoor space.

  • Honesty and respect for each other - we treat each other the way we would like to be treated.

  • We are committed to our clients

  • - priding ourselves on customer service.

  • Ethics - with emphasis on human and moral values in business and work.

  • Safety is paramount - guaranteeing the health and safety of workers and security of data processed.

  • Innovative ideas - with new products, learning and processes.

  • We are passionate about outdoor cooking, entertaining and living - above all it has to be fun!

Our values


Having built a successful plumbing and heating business with my partner Gareth over the past 12 years, focusing on customer service, quality products and expertise, we wanted to use these ethics within our new business.  


My first job was preparing and cooking barbecues for a large number of guests every week. I loved the smell, taste and atmosphere. As you can imagine after cooking for large numbers over a couple hours I would have the smell of barbecue and wood smoke literally oozing from every pore, but I loved it!

Barbecuing became a personal passion of ours, and it's not uncommon for us to be out in all weathers cooking up something over hot embers. Even on Boxing Day we have had a 12 hour joint smoking on the BBQ…and yes, that meant putting this on early hours of the morning!

About us

With a barbecue you can make it as simple or complex as you like; it's all about having fun, just enjoying the alfresco dining experience prepared by someone else. We have seen how outdoor entertaining can differ in many different countries and this really excites us. Cooking outdoors fills your senses – the smell and the taste of open cooking combined with a glass or two of wine is what live is all about.


We have been lucky enough to travel widely and love to try cooking outside in the different countries we visit. There is nothing better than visiting a local bakery or market, coming back with some lovely produce and cooking it up in the environment you’re in. Local suppliers are better for the environment, there are less food miles, and you get to know the story behind your produce.


You can't beat the smell of charcoal, and the noise of the sizzle and crackle of burning wood mixing with the laughter of friends. We love trying new recipes, different equipment, and fuels and want to share  our passion and love of entertaining outdoors to you. 


Whether it's cooking homemade pizzas with kids on a woodfired oven or the juiciest roast joint of meat, you name it we have cooked it over the years. Through trial and error we have sampled and enjoyed many dishes. I’ve done plenty of research and am very proud of my own library of over 200 plus cookbooks



We are very much into gardening and growing our own produce. We can pick from the veg patch or greenhouse and use our produce in our cooking. This enables us to use what's in season and we are devotees of real food that has travelled footsteps rather miles from the garden to table. 



As a family we have learned the art of outdoor cooking together and have enjoyed teaching our young son a set of al fresco culinary life skills that will be with him forever!


Our experience means that we are able to recommend the best cooking equipment, whether you want convenience or something innovative for your bespoke kitchen.

Cooking over fire has been at the heart of cooking since the start of human creation, it's relaxing, natural and unrestricted.


We have all the products to ignite your al fresco experience!

Zowie x

Outdoor cooking the family can enjoy
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