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Wood-Fired Ovens 

An independent British brand making their own hand-made, wood-fired ovens and accessories, the team behind Delivita have always been passionate about pizza. In fact, with Italian family, pizzas, flatbreads and fresh food in general have always played a big part in their lifestyle, and having already cracked the perfect dough recipe long ago, they had yet to find the perfect oven. 
Offered at an attainable price, with sizes to suit families of all sizes and a purpose-built range of accessories to boot, Delivita ovens combine modern technology with an artisan interior; they’re designed to deliver ’no-fuss’ cooking and performance, so that whether you’re feeding your family or hosting a party, your pizza game is as strong as it can be.
Weighing in at less than 30kg, DeliVita ovens are easily moved, meaning that whether you want to take the oven with you, or need to move it out of the elements when you’ve finished cooking, you needn’t break your back doing so. They are also available in a fabulous array of colours! From Very Black, to Emerald Fire, to Chilli Red, to Orange Blaze, with a whole spectrum in between, DeliVita ovens really are beautiful. What’s more, they each come available in three different bundles: the Pizzaiolo Collection, which provides all the kit a budding pizza chef could need; the Wood Fired Collection, perfect for everybody from budding outdoor chefs to accomplished foodies, complementing the most versatile of culinary demands; and the Deluxe Complete Collection, designed to kit out the most demanding of outdoor chefs with a versatile arsenal of accessories to make feeding the masses a breeze.

Head over to our showroom to see the DeliVita  fired up in action. 


It’s all very well having the kit to make perfect pizzas, but they’re only going to be perfect if you have a great dough to work with! Whether you’ve yet to perfect your own recipe, or simply don’t have the time to be kneading dough in order to enjoy to perfect pie, DeliVita’s authentic, artisan Italian pizza ‘Dough to Go’ is the ideal solution.
These restaurant quality dough balls are crafted by hand and conveniently available in the freezers at our Holsworthy showroom. Made with the finest quality ingredients, with several dough varieties to choose from, you can guarantee the perfect pizza every time.
Varieties include Traditional Organic Vegan Dough, Sour Organic Vegan Dough, Gluten Free Pizza Bases, Organic Charcoal Activated Dough, Organic Turmeric Dough, Organic Wholegrain Dough, with party packs and taster packs also available.

Pizza Dough
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