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Bromic heating. Their heaters are recognised around the globe for their sleek design with high performance. Bromic heaters are very versatile, they can be seen in luxury hotels and plush restaurants to nice outdoor kitchens and backyards. There is a wide range of differing heaters in the Bromic collection, with each one being made from the highest quality materials that provides a high performance for outdoor heating.

Bromic's Heaters 

Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable 

The first of the Bromic heaters we offer is the Tungsten smart-heat portable. This is 3 times more efficient than a traditional heater. Coming with an award winning sleek matte black finish this isn’t just a heater to add to your home or backyard, its a piece of modern art with its beautiful curvy design. The tungsten can create a warm comfortable environment of up to 20m.


The Tungsten can withstand winds of up to 13km/h and wastes next to no heat because of its directional heat this means the heat ends up exactly where it's needed.

Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable 

Second is the Eclipse smart-heat portable. This is a heater that brings a radiant warmth and style to your backyard. This portable heater means you can place it around your house depending on what time of the year it is. It incorporates heat transfer technology that results in high-efficiency outdoor heater.

The sleek aesthetics of this heater makes it a showpiece item no matter where it's placed. It also comes with a dimmer controller and a wireless remote that allows you to adjust and dim the led light but also the heat output so you and your friends feel the right level of comfort at all times. 


Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric 

Next up the in the Tungsten line smart-heat electric heater. This stainless steel design which makes it suitable for all weathers and environments combines market-leading radiant heat technology that allows it to provide warmth to outdoor spaces of up to 15m. The smart-heat electric comes in 4 models ranging from 2000W (2KW) then 6000W (6KW). This heater can be mounted on the wall or pole mounted. 


Platinum Smart-Heat Electric 


Finally the platinum smart-heater, this is the ultimate seamless slim-line design. This is in in a series of award winning heaters that are tailored to seamlessly blend into low-clearance and design-focused spaces. This heater would be perfect for those who are looking for a minimalist design in their house. This heater comes in black or white and can be fitted to the ceiling, wall and flush mounting. 


With its 304 stainless steel plus school tinted ceramic-glass screens it means the smart-heat can disappear into the surroundings of while steel providing radiant heat that will warm YOU up, not the surrounding air. The platinum smart-heater comes in two different sizes which are 2300W and 3400W. The beauty of this heater is that it can be mounted with minimal clearance and in enclosed spaces. 

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